“The staff at Pike County Hospice are wonderful. I as well as my family have been blessed.”


“Pike County Hospice went above and beyond normal hospice care. You guys raiser the bar for what to expect from hospice and home health care. Thank you for your service!”

-Kate & Steve Niemeyer

“The nurse who did the opening for my mother on hospice care was wonderful; very professional, gentle and kind to my mother and myself. My mother was very restless and the nurse immediately ordered medications which calmed her down. I didn’t have a chance to meet with much of the other hospice staff since my mother was only on services for 2 days, but the Social worker did follow up with us to ensure we were taken care of. Thank you for your services.”

-Jim Barr

“Thank you for inviting us to share the Golden Memories Memorial tonight. Pike County Hospice is a wonderful organization and greatly appreciated in this county. The nurses and staff are caring and loving people and we are lucky to have them! Thank you again!”

-Sherry Campbell-Comer

“You can be proud of your team, may God Bless all of you.”

-Marion Wendel

“10 years ago I cared for my brother in my home and Pike County Hospice was there for us every step of the way – even during the night. Then last year they were with us as my husband was ill and dying. I cannot think of anything more they could have done to get us through it. From the equipment they provided and hands on care to the friendship and moral support – they covered it all. There are not enough words to express our gratitude for this organization.”

-Joyce Scherder

“We did not realize all that hospice does for the patient and the family. Everyone who cared for my husband in anyway showed love and compassion. You are all great and we cannot say enough good things about you and the Hospice organization. Our family thanks you so much for everything you have done for us, the wonderful loving care we received, help and support, the very nice care package, we appreciate it all so much.”

-Sandy Harrelson

“I want to thank the entire hospice team for the outstanding care and compassion they showed during my dad’s last few months From the nurses, social worker, minister, bath aides, etc, they all went above and beyond to keep him clean, comfortable and happy. They were also so good to my mother and our family. Kudos especially to Hillary and Judy who were primarily assigned. We are so grateful and Pike Countians should be proud to have such a fabulous service available.”

-Barbara Scherder-Goetz

“Pike County Hospice was very good with Dorcas. I know without a doubt that they were the best of the best. They did a great job and we are very thankful!”

-Bonnie LeMasters

“The family wouldn’t have experienced the peace and love nor have had the strength if it wasn’t for Pike County Hospice. You supplied the needed coverage the nursing home could not provide because of personal attention. Thank you for helping my father during and after his last stages of life as well as our family members.”

-Jim Arico

“Thanks for all you do! You are the BEST!”


“There is no way our nurses could have done any better. We were so happy with the way everything went and could not have asked for more.”


“I think we had the greatest people. They helped us understand everything. I AM VERY HAPPY we had your hospice. Thank you all.”

-Lola Long

“We received the best care ever from hospice nurses – they went above and beyond for our family. The nurses were so awesome and the social worker was fantastic. All of our needs were met, we can’t thank you enough. You helped us through a most difficult time in our lives. Thank you all! ”

-Margaret Dunn

“I could not have had a better experience. I fell in love with the hospice team and so did my dad.

-Jody Fisher

“Three times in my life I have been in contact with Pike County Hospice; years ago for my grandfather, in 2019 for my mother-in-law, and very recently for my best friend and father who was suffering from cancer. Words can not express the Each experience was drastically different in regards to each family members situation. The care was beyond exceptional every time. They made us feel confident in being caregivers and you could tell without a doubt in my mind that our dad was comfortable and went in peace. I feel extremely fortunate not only for their service, but the fact that I get to work for the agency and promote this amazing service to our communities. ”

-Tracy Brookshier

“Everyone was very caring and patient. Their help was much appreciated.”


“The staff was always caring and compassionate!”


“They provided the best support at a difficult time, explained everything at the right time.”


“You couldn’t have asked for any better care. They did an awesome job.”


“Great Job! Very professional, God Bless all of you. Thank You!”

 – Ricky Feldmann

“All were great, and were very respectful.”

 – Anonymous

“If there was anything more that Pike County Hospice could have done for my husband and to help me care for him I do not know what it could have been. They always went above and beyond what I would of expected them to do. If there was a higher rating than I would have to give it to them. I, my family, were so grateful to them.”

 – J.A.S.

“The nurse was very good with my husband. He always looked forward to her coming. He liked laughing and joking with her, she was a good match to him. She always listened to what we had to say and would answer our questions. She always returned calls in the evening if needed.”

 – Twila Johnson

“They were with us when we needed them. My husband was very proud of the Hospice Patriotic blanket he received as a WWII veteran.”

 – Anonymous

“The care was exceptional!”

 – Anonymous

“Care was for only a few days in the nursing home but the care was excellent.”

 – Sherry Branstetter

“The care/services we received were awesome. Every one was friendly and always accommodating. Always ready to help with anything we needed. Very respectful and made my dad feel like he was getting the best care.”

 – Lori Elder

“I always felt like the team listened carefully to my questions and concerns and they helped me learn ways to help care for my loved one that was easy to understand. They treated my loved one with compassion and respect. Overall I highly recommend Pike County Hospice and am happy that our physician recommended them.”

 – Anonymous

“My mother and my family were all treated with dignity and respect during my moms hospice care.”

– Teresa M. Turley

“Words can not adequately express my appreciation to Pike County Hospice for helping with the care of my mother, Ruth Brown. Mom was diagnosed with cancer in the bone in August of 2012. It was decided to undergo surgery to allow ambulation, lending to quality of life for as long as possible. The surgery was successful and rehab was short. Mom was back on her feet in two weeks walking independently at age 91. Radiation Treatments followed by cancer medication ultimately lead us to a disappointing report on October 3, 2012.  Treatment was unsuccessful and the cancer had spread. My mother said, at that time, “God has had my life all mapped out, from start to finish, and the timing of my last breath is in his hands.” “God will have His way!” I have to say that God had His way by allowing Pike County Hospice to become involved in the care of Mom’s remainder of life. I had been involved in Geriatric Health Care for about 15 years but caring for my own mother was different. I was faced with emotional decisions to be made as well as the physical aspects of the situation. I have to say that I was blessed with wonderful family support but they were a distance away. My Mother and I both needed help. Hospice was the extending hand of God’s Grace, giving us just what we need when we needed it. Whether it was nursing care, counsel, emotional support – they were there at a beckon call. I truly do not know how I made it through those weeks without the help of hospice. The whole Hospice staff prepared Mom (as well as our family) for that “last breath” that our loved one took on January 10, 2013. When the end came Hospice was still there to bring closure to the experience that I (we) needed. On behalf of myself and the family of Ruth Brown I have to say thank you so much. I commend your staff for their professionalism, but more importantly, to a family who might be facing a similar experience, Pike County Hospice loves and cares and they are there for you.”

– Karyl Adam

“Good care, no complaints at all.”

 – Anonymous

I think you cover everything from the beginning to the end and then you are there for the family afterwards.

– Delilah Chatman

“I wish no one had need of your service, but if they do – I was impressed with the level of care, attention to detail by all nurses during my partners care. The care gift box I received after her passing was over the top – and that you remembered her animals was unbelievable.”

– S. Yager

“Very kind, professional, and attentive. He received only 1 visit because he passed away the next morning but have no complaints at all.”

– T. Hardy

“My mother received great care. They were very supportive and caring to the whole family. This is a great service and would recommend it to anyone. The nurses were always there when we needed them. I can’t say enough good things about them.”

– Sandy Grummel

My husband, Boyd went on hospice December 5, 2019 after several months of care with Pike County Home Health and left this earth to be with his savior on February 9, 2020. We didn’t know what to expect but I think, like so many people, simply thought of hospice as that last level of care just prior to death. Which I suppose often is, but at least with Pike County Hospice, it was so much more.

What we experienced was a level of compassionate, loving care and concern we never expected nor anticipated. Having already lost two siblings with a third in ill health and some distance away, and aging parents, I found myself in a situation of having limited additional practical help or assistance. Pike County Hospice staff fully stood the gap always striving to meet our needs, often before we realized what was needed. Besides providing medical and personal supplies, we were so often lifted up with words of encouragement, comfort, moral support…and a shoulder to cry on was always available. They also held a deep respect for our faith which we appreciated.

Let me give you some examples:

  • We woke up on Christmas morning to a chilly house having discovered that during the night, the furnace had stopped working. It was an unusually mild few days so we were able to get by with portable radiant heaters and were told the price for the repairs was going to be very costly. Already dealing with stress of the current situation, with Christmas, tax time, and bitter cold weather anticipated, it was certainly not the time of year for an unexpected large expense. A few days later, the furnace repairs were made and we were ready to bite the bullet and pay the bill…only to be told it had been taken care of – that Pike County Hospice had contacted the installer to let him know we were not to be sent a bill. We were both overwhelmed with tears of gratitude.
  • Another day, staff noticed one of our Christmas trees was covered in mouse ornaments and that this had always been Boyd’s tree. The next thing we know, they’ve talked among themselves and presented Boyd with, yes, another mouse ornament.
  • With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Boyd had already mentioned to me that he felt bad about not being able to give or do anything else to celebrate. Without either one of us saying anything about it, once again the girls had talked and, on February 5th, they delivered fresh flowers, a flickering candle, a full meal served on heart shaped plates, with strawberry cheesecake for dessert; all as an early Valentine’s Day celebration. That day turned out to be a cold, heavy snow day but they were not deterred and it is a memory I will always cherish…as it was also the last day my beloved was truly fully cognizant. He passed away four days later.

I mention these examples but there are countless others.

I speak of the loving care and compassion that Boyd received but that also extended to myself as his caregiver. I would never have considered doing it any other way but perhaps I hadn’t anticipated the exhausted toll it would take on me physically and emotionally. I was amazed at the support I received personally in that regard with support always only a phone call away if needed. They treated me as if I were just as important and deserving of attention as they did my husband.

We always knew that God would meet our every need… even before we might become aware of that need. I am confident that Pike County Hospice was fully part of His plan for us. I now understand why so many people become passionate about supporting Pike County Hospice and I now stand among them.

My use of the word Pike County Hospice “staff” sounds cold and impersonal… which couldn’t be further from reality – it would be more appropriate to say they are “angels among us”.

At the risk of failing to mention someone, a special thank you to Hillary Hakenwerth, Judy Ray and Rachel Henderson. You will each always have a special place in my heart.



Mrs. Brenda Haddock

“They were professional in their job but were still caring and understanding to everyone. I don’t think any outfit around is better. They fulfilled every need we had, plus. They were excellent and I don’t know what I would have done without them.”

– Samuel Kevin Kilby

“I am very pleased with the care my mother received. Anything that was needed for me to care for her at home was brought before it was actually used. The nurses showed so much love and compassion as well as to me. Great group of nurses and all staff.”

– M.H.

“We feel your hospice went above and beyond the calling of caring for our loved one in his final days. He was always comfortable and went in peace. Thank you for your services.”

– The Clarence Keeven Family

“Care was excellent, very attentive.”

– A.C.

“The hospice staff was very caring, comforting, kind words and supportive during Bernie’s illness and death. Thank you for all the extra gifts he loved wearing his watch and especially loved his plaque.”

– Jean Charlton

“The team helped make a trying experience livable and manageable. There was no guessing about where we were, we were kept informed and the other steps seemed natural.”

– Anonymous

“Although my husband only lived 1.5 weeks after he was put on hospice, I was amazed how they helped in so many ways – medically in his care but emotionally for both of us. The hospice staff were always so calm and reassuring in their contact with us that eased any anxiety I had. They were anxious to do anything to help, and came anytime and stayed if they were needed. Thank you for your gentle loving care for both my husband and me.”

– Eleanor Warner

“Wonderful, Thank you so much.”

– L.B.

“An amazing service to Pike County. Everyone is kind, considerate and very professional. They go above and beyond to care for your loved one.”

– K.S.

“Like I tell a lot of people I had never worked or know anything about hospice. I have to say we had the best care our family could have asked for. The two nurses my mother-in-law had they were wonderful. Our family has no complaints at all.”

– Leslie McMillen 

“I know I have said this before and I can’t say it enough, how much of a blessings hospice was for our family. We are so happy and grateful to have had this organization in our community. Thank you all again and again for your great care and service.”

– Rebecca Wood

“Hospice workers were wonderful – if not for them and their compassion I don’t know what I would have done. Love them all.”

– Cheryl Bradshaw

“Best possible care, compassion and comfort we could have ever asked for. Family member was treated just like family.”

– David Luebrecht

“Received wonderful care from all.”

– Anonymous

“We could not have asked fore better care. They not only helped our loved one but dealt with our very large family. Our dad had the very best care that we could ever hope for. Thank You”

– Paul Luebrecht

“Everyone involved from Pike County Hospice during the care of my uncle were very professional, helpful, courteous, and kind. They were always up front and very helpful with any questions and concerns during and after the passing of our uncle. Thank you so very much.”

– Kristina Branstetter

“The care came from the ladies hearts, not just from having a job and getting a paycheck. The genuine love they showed my husband was God sent. Thanks very, very much.”

– Joyce J. Bell

“My father started hospice on Friday morning and passed away Sunday morning, so hospice did not play an active role in the short time they were available, but was very satisfied with what they did do.”

– A.H.

“We have never worked with an organization that really went above and beyond anything expected and showed the entire family love and support.”

– Anonymous

“They were very good with my mom and myself. I was informed every step of the way. Not only during her care even the after care for myself and my family. I would recommend Pike County Hospice to anyone that would need help in care of a loved one.”

– Anonymous

“I truly believe we have the best hospice team there is! They are all extremely compassionate of both the family and the patients needs. I can not say enough good things about them. This is the second time they have been there for our family and I thank them all SO MUCH! They do a wonderful job explaining the process. I have even shared information I received with families out of our area.”

– Anonymous

“I have been a recipient of the services more than once from Pike Co Home Health, as well as my late husband, Darrell Mercer. Darrell also received Hospice care. The services they provided were so important in helping me regain my strength after lengthy hospital stays. When Darrell received home health, it not only helped him (and it helped him a lot), but it helped me, too, physically and emotionally. Above that, this staff gave so much more — respect, interest in our daily lives, great care, kindness, dedication, and professionalism. I will be forever grateful and highly recommend Pike County Home Health and Hospice. I encourage everyone in our community to learn more about this wonderful group and all they provide before you and/or a loved one might need it. Sincerely, Delores Mercer”

“My mother in law. She was our families ROCK! The foundation board helps enrich & encourage the growth of the hospice program. Our family would have been lost without the compassionate care we received from pike county hospice during her battle with Cancer.”
– Elisha Koenig

“Having used the hospice services from this organization a few years ago, I can attest to its value to the community. Keep up the good work!!”

– A.N.

“For the second time in my life, Pike County Hospice has gone above and beyond what I expected to care for my family and loved ones.”

– Clay Koenig

“Our hospice care experience was phenomenal. We are truly blessed to have a facility with such kind and dedicated employees in our area.”

– Michael W. Colbert

“My husband lived one half day in hospice care and then expired. What care he received, what I learned, and the support I have had since, has been excellent. I recommend you to everyone. God’s blessing to all. Love in Christ.”

– Carlene Harpole

“June received excellent care. She seemed to be in no pain. We owe a debt of gratitude to all staff members who helped us through this difficult time. Thank you all so much for your help. God Bless you all!”

– Karen & Rusty Edwards

“My first experience with Pike County Home Health & Hospice was when a dear friend was dying of cancer. When visiting her I saw first hand the wonderful care and love her and her family was receiving during this very difficult time. Such a comfort this was to me and a memory I have never forgotten. When I retired I was asked to serve on the Home Care & Hospice Foundation Board and could not think of a more worthwhile board to serve and be a part of. Since being on the board my mother required the help of Home Health and soon afterwards hospice care. She so looked forward to the caring employees of PCHH and their smiling faces. Our community is truly blessed to have this service with the dedicated and caring employees who work for PCHH.”

– Nellie Wamsley

” I do not think I would have been able to get through that time without them. I appreciate everything they did for me and my family.”

– Delilah Chatman

“When I was desperately trying to help my grandmother tend to my grandfather’s end of life care, at his bedside I was sure I was strong enough for the job. I quickly learned I was not, it is very difficult not only physically, but mentally to help my grandmother do the things necessary to keep my grandfather comfortable. The nurses from Pike County Hospice were a god-send. I would not have been able to handle my grandfather’s passing without them. Had you told me those years ago that I would have the opportunity to work with these nurses, and for the Hospice program I may not have believed you. I am completely honored to be a part of such a caring group of people, and to be helping our Hospice program be the best that it can be.”
– Tracy Brookshier

“We used Pike County Health Department for hospice for poppy and the nurses were great and very supportive the whole time even after he passed away.”

– Danielle Brown

“We have used PCHH services for my father 13 years ago. Several people I know have also used them. My husband has been battling cancer for 7 years and now it’s time to call on PCHH for their help. I couldn’t bring myself to call hospice so i contacted their Home Health services. After a week it was time to call hospice. So far they have been great! We’re just getting started but I’m sure they will help us thru this journey.”

– Carol Deters

Pike County Hospice served us in the final weeks of my father-in-law’s life. The care they provided for him and us made a difficult time easier to bear, and their care for us continued after his death. We highly recommend them.

– Anonymous


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What some of our staff has to say about their role in Hospice

“I love working in hospice because I am blessed with the opportunity to form a bond with members of my community like family.”
– Kelsey Millinder, RN BSN Case Manager

“I love being a hospice nurse because. . . the smiles, hugs, and thank you’s make my heart glow with happiness. This makes the good-bye’s harder, but makes the sleepless nights worth every minute. We don’t give up, we are with you until the end.”
– Hillary Hakenwerth, RN BSN Hospice Clinical Manager

“I love working in hospice because I get to know my patients and their families on a personal basis. I give care to my patients that the caregivers can not or are not comfortable with. I feel that is an honor to be on this journey with them.”
– Judy Ray, Certified Aid

“I love that our hospice program is available to help families through a difficult time with compassion and care. Our staff goes above and beyond for the needs of the patient and also the family. I am proud of our hospice team for what they do for our community and our agency!”
– Jennifer Schumacher, Administrative Assistant & Event Coordinator

“I love working in hospice and what it represents. The hospice philosophy has shown me the importance and opportunity that we are given as professional caregivers to be part of a support team that focuses on obtaining the ultimate quality of life during a time when life has taken an unexpected turn. This experience has helped me become a better person and professional and I am thankful for the relationships I have made over the years with patients and their families.”
– Rhonda Stumbaugh, RN, Administrator

“Working in hospice care is very rewarding, even from a “behind-the-scenes” type of job like mine. I may not work directly with the patients and their families, but to be involved in meetings were our staff discusses the care they give; it is so obvious that the compassion they have for them is overwhelming. I continuously hear from families how appreciative they are of our staff and how they don’t know how they could have made it through such a difficult time without them. I don’t doubt those comments one bit, we have some fabulous people working for Pike County Hospice.”
– Becky Carroll, Administrative Assistant