What Makes Us Unique

Since 1993 Pike County Hospice has been serving our community, and we look forward to keeping this exceptional service available for years to come.

Pike County Hospice provides specialized care to terminally ill patients and their loved ones.  The Hospice Interdisciplinary Team consists of a medical director, professional nurses, medical social worker, spiritual counselor, home health aides, and volunteers working together to provide care that addresses physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

So how does Pike County Hospice stand out in comparison to other hospice care agencies?


We are a Not-For-Profit

We will not turn patients away, we will proudly provide services to those in need no matter what the financial standing may be.


We are Governed by Members of your Community

Being one of only FOUR county based hospice programs in the state of Missouri, our Hospice program is governed by the citizens of our community. These five board members are elected by you, and they willingly volunteer their time to ensure our programs are suiting what is best for the community.


Our Staff are your Neighbors

Majority of them have lived in the community their entire life, and they eagerly await to care for their neighbors; your family.


The Home Care & Hospice Foundation of Pike County

Our Foundation helps us go above and beyond for our patients and their families no matter their financial standing.