Our Home Care & Hospice Foundation of Pike County celebrates 21 years of Support

The Pike County Health Department Home Health & Hospice is excited to celebrate over 20 years of our Home Care & Hospice Foundation. On April 25, 2001, the Home Care & Hospice Foundation held its first meeting to discuss how this foundation could impact the needs of our community members through the agency’s In-Home, Home Health & Hospice programs.

Our agency began in 1948 as an official Public Health Department and offered In-Home Care services from 1996-2008. In 1969, we began offering Home Health services and after seeing a desperate need for hospice care in our communities, Pike County Hospice was added to our services in 1993.

Our Home Care & Hospice Foundation was created to meet, as necessary, the gap between the agency’s income and costs, staff education, and training, equipment purchases and maintenance, facility improvements and fundraising costs, with an overall objective to provide high quality home health & hospice to every area citizen regardless of ability to pay. The funds donated to our Foundation help us go above and beyond our already exceptional care given to our Home Health & Hospice patients and their families.

Since 2001, our Foundation has spent over $101,000.00 for the medical and comfort needs of our Home Health & Hospice patients. $18,300.00 has been gifted through our Nursing Scholarship and we have held numerous free community events in an effort to “give back” to the communities that support us so faithfully.

Our Foundation Board is made up of area citizens and staff, who study needs and opportunities, plan fundraising, and set goals and time tables for implementation of activities. These board members consist of volunteers who have a passion for serving others and understand the value of our services within our communities.

The Foundation Board began with members: Lisa Pitzer, Jack Siefkas, LuAnn Meyer, Dottie Brown, John McIlroy Jr., Gail Smith, Melaney Magruder Mathis, Mary Grover and Carol McMorris. We have had many amazing and compassionate individuals serve on our board and are forever grateful for their dedication. Our current board members today are: Sonya Gilbert, Chairman; Linda Luebrecht, Vice Chairman; Rhonda Stumbaugh, President; Jennifer Schumacher, Event Coordinator; Carolyn Orf, Home Health & Hospice Director; Dana Barker, Jack Bibb, Art Flynn, Fern Grote, Elisha Koenig, Donita Lance, Cathy Martin, Ruthie Murray, Talley Saucier, Bill Unsell, Nellie Wamsley and Shannon Walker. We would also like to take a moment to honor and remember Mike McCrory who was taken from us too soon and was a very passionate advocate for our efforts.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization and operates on fundraisers and donations; for this we would like to thank everyone who has donated, volunteered, and been of service to our Foundation over these amazing 21 years as without your continued support, we would be unable to what we do for our communities. We look forward to serving you for many more years to come!


The Home Care & Hospice Foundation Board of 2001

Seated from Left:

Lisa Pitzer, Jack Siefkas.

Standing Back row from Left:

LuAnn Meyer, Dottie Brown, John McIlroy Jr., Gail Smith, Melaney Magruder mathis, Mary Grover and Carol McMorris


The Home Care & Hospice Foundation Board of 2022

From Back Left:

Art Flynn, Jack Bibb, Jennifer Schumacher, Linda Luebrecht, Carolyn Orf, Dana Barker, Cathy Martin, Sonya Gilbert, Rhonda Stumbaugh.

Seated from Left:

Ruthie Murray, Fern Grote, Talley Saucier, Nellie Wamsley, Elisha Koenig.

Not pictured:

Donita Lance, Bill Unsell, Shannon Walker


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