The Coping Corner: Taking Time to Remember

An important part of the grieving process can be taking time to think about and remember our loved one in a way that allows us to express and explore our thoughts and feelings in a healthy way. One way that we can do this is through journaling. Keeping a journal or memory book can be a great way to keep those memories treasured forever but also allow us to process thoughts and feelings that may not be as comfortable or feel as positive. You can keep this journal all to yourself or you can choose to share it with family, friends, supports, or a grief counselor. Here are some ideas for writing prompts that you can use in this journal:


  • I will always remember how you…..
  • I always laughed when you…..
  • My favorite place to go with you was…..
  • I never want to forget the way you used to…..
  • I knew you loved me when you…..
  • I am angry because…..
  • I miss you most…..
  • What hurts me the most is…..
  • One way that I will honor you is…..
  • Something I wish I would have told you is…..
  • Something I am not sure I can do without you is…..
  • I feel guilty about…..
  • I worry about…..
  • My favorite holiday with you was…..


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Although you can use any kind of notebook or scrap paper to write out your feelings there are several different memory books and journals that you can purchase to help give you these writing prompts. There are many different books based on the relationship that you had with your loved one as well as books for adults, teens, and children. If you would like any additional recommendations or help finding these books, please give me a call and I would be happy to share some of my favorites.


Journey of Grief : Online Support Group

The journey of grief can be difficult and emotional. Although this is a process that we are sometimes forced to work through we do not have to take this journey alone. This online group, sponsored by Pike County Hospice, is intended to provide resources and support to all of those that are preparing to begin this journey, currently going through the journey of grief, and those that have experienced this journey in the past. Through support and sharing we can navigate this journey together. Please find us on Facebook and begin to experience the love and support that we all need.

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