Why work in hospice care? 

If you’re exploring the possibility of a career in hospice care, you might question the value you can add to someone’s life or be concerned about not using your skill set at a high level. Oftentimes, people focus primarily on the fact that hospice does not revolve around seeking an improved health outcome, and they fail to realize that the hospice team still have outcomes to achieve – they just are viewed in a different light. Instead of seeking aggressive treatment, testing, and medication regimens, hospice focuses on helping people experience a higher quality of life by addressing not only physical needs but also emotional and spiritual needs. Our hospice team treats the patient and family as a whole, and our job is to bring a high level of care and expertise to people’s homes so each person can have a peaceful and comfortable final journey.

Why work for us?

Full time employees at Pike County Health Department, Home Health & Hospice get to enjoy all the benefits our agency has to offer which includes…

  • 13 paid holidays per year
  • Paid personal and sick time
  • Great retirement plan
  • Agency matching IRA
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Eligibility for CEU’s, tuition assistance, and public service loan forgiveness
  • Over 80% of medical insurance covered by agency
  • Discounted rates for Air Evac, Sam’s Club, and YMCA memberships
  • Dental, Vision, life & accidental insurance offered at discounted rates
  • Bereavement leave
  • Christmas savings account
  • Gifts, snacks, and breakfasts to acknowledge staff birthdays and anniversaries
  • Employee holiday parties, wellness and fun/game days, free agency apparel.
  • Our employees are some of the most caring and passionate in their field and are dedicated to giving back to the community through hosting public events and being involved in many community organizations.

We are always accepting applications and we keep them on file for up to 2 years.

Current Career Opportunities

Hospice Volunteer

Pike County Health Department Home Health & Hospice Agency openings

What our staff has to say about their role in Hospice

“A hospice nurse is a special position in which we are able to walk down this hard journey with not only the patient but also their families. I am able to help our patients not only physically but as a whole body. I love the care and compassion we are able to provide for them, and being able to make this life journey easier on the patient and their family is very rewarding for me . I love being a hospice nurse!”
– Danielle Freie, LPN

“I love being a hospice nurse because. . . the smiles, hugs, and thank you’s make my heart glow with happiness. This makes the good-bye’s harder, but makes the sleepless nights worth every minute. We don’t give up, we are with you until the end.”
– Hillary Hakenwerth, RN

“The best parts of my job are the smiles, the hugs, and the pure joy of sharing compassion with our patients and their families.”
– Jessica Cunningham, LPN

“I love being a hospice nurse because I am able to help patients and their loved ones through a physically and emotionally trying time in their lives.”
– Kimberly Yoder, RN

“I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to make my patient smile and laugh in their final stage of life.”
– Melissa Lesley, HHA

“As a hospice nurse I often hear that my patient’s goal is that they want to be at home and comfortable. I feel honored to be chosen to assist them in their final goals, and even more so to be a part of their precious last days of life.”
– Susan DeCamp, RN

“My main goal is to be there to support the entire family. To be a smiling face, a listening ear, and a helping hand. To lessen their burdens and be that person that maybe made their day a little easier. Helping individuals to be able to cherish every moment with their loved one. That is why I love being a hospice social worker.”
– Carrie Wells, LMSW, Hospice Social Worker

“When thinking on why I chose to work as a social worker and what I find rewarding, I always return back to my childhood experiences. I remember feeling overwhelmed and anxious watching my parents try to deal with everyday challenges and community agencies. The challenges of interacting with community entities such as community services, family services, schools and healthcare providers can seem insurmountable due to not understanding how they function or even their organizational language. Although these difficulties can be explained by cultural, educational and socioeconomic factors, the reality is that they impact the child, family and the social group’s self-concept and hope of being successful with life’s challenges. I therefore decided, if I can help anyone avoid or better cope even some of the pain and discomfort that life can toss at a person then that is what I should do as a human being. The reward is simple, the knowledge that at least one more person has a chance to feel better about their life and I in some way have contributed to that.”
– Rolando Vazquez, LCSW, Hospice Social Worker

“Our nurses and aides are great caregivers. They are willing to go above and beyond to make our patients comfortable and provide support to family members.”
– Jeannie Stuckey, LPN, Home Health Team Leader

“We have a variety of personalities among the professionals in our office. We have nurses with many years’ experience and nurses who have less than 10 years, we have LPN’s and RN’s. Some are older, some are younger, but all are great at what they do. We are proud of our Hospice Program and are happy to serve the families we have over the years. In addition to our nursing staff we also have great social workers, personal care aides, administrative personnel, office assistants and fantastic volunteers that all help run the hospice program. We work together to bring the best care possible for our end of life patients and the best possible support for their families. Many times I have seen our staff in tears as they become involved with the care of their patients and their families. In spite of their tears it brings us all great satisfaction to be of help to them during this time. Our staff truly feels it is an honor to be asked to care for someone’s loved one during their last days with us and it’s an honor our whole staff cherishes. Thank you to our community for allowing us into your homes.”
– Lynda Colbert, Home Health Administrative Assistant