About Our Foundation

The Home Care & Hospice Foundation was created to meet, as necessary, the gap between the agency’s income and costs, staff education, and training, equipment purchases and maintenance, facility improvements and fundraising costs, with an overall objective to provide high quality hospice and home care to every area citizen regardless of ability to pay.

The Foundation Board is made up of area citizens and staff, who study needs and opportunities, plan fundraising, and set goals and time tables for implementation of activities. The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization and operates on fundraisers and donations.

April 25th, 2001

“Dreams do come true for new Home Care and Hospice Foundation of Pike County after two years.” 
This was the heading for the Louisiana Press Journal’s June 20, 2001 article about the creation of the foundation.


Since that first meeting on April 25th, 2001 the foundation, with its donations, has helped over 3,000 patients and community citizens. “Donations have been used for care of indigent patients, to pay for costly medications that patients need to maintain a level of comfort in the dying  process. In addition, blood transfusions needed to enhance quality of life that are not reimbursed under the Medicare benefit have been paid for through the donation account.”

Mr. Siefkas, Chairman of the board of directors, said “Now the dream continues that this area can have Hospice and Home Health services that are adequately funded and able to provide the best services to the patients regardless of ability to pay.”

Pike County Health Department, Home Health & Hospice has a passionate staff that are all dedicated to providing the necessary care to their community. Patient care will continue to be greatly enhanced with the financial support of the foundation. – Louisiana Press Journal 

Your Foundation Members
Sonya Gilbert
“ I am so thankful for our agency… for all the things we do for our people in our community, especially the children with the Cookies and Cocoa with Santa, the Easter egg hunt… so many would not be able to see Santa or the Easter Bunny. We are able to meet so many patient’s needs for people on hospice or that have come home from the hospital and in need of our care. One of the main reasons i am a member of the board and try to do so much is because when I was little and growing up, my mom was raising seven kids all by herself and if it had not been for this community I am not sure where we would have ended up. We were given baskets of goodies at thanksgiving and Christmas, and given a pool membership every summer. I look back and think that there had to be someone on a board somewhere who wanted to help families like mine in need. So I am here to pass it on.”
Linda Luebrecht
Vice Chairman
Rhonda Stumbaugh
President & PCHD Administrator
Jennifer Schumacher
Event Coordinator
Carolyn Orf
Home Health & Hospice Coordinator
Kent Betts
“I think Home Health and Hospice is a great thing for our community personally seen what has been done for our community members as well as my relatives just recently my cousin Mike,as well as my grandmother and father-n-law. Without this great out pour of help people of need with their love ones would be facing a harder and more difficult time. So anytime someone is there to help people in need id like to be apart of it.”
Art Flynn
Fern Grote
Elisha Koenig
“The reason I am so passionate about our foundation are my in-laws, who both received Pike County Hospice's compassionate care. The foundation board helps enrich & encourage the growth of the hospice program. Our family would have been lost without the compassionate care we received during their battles with Cancer.”
Donita Lance
I have been involved with PCHD for over 10 years helping my daughter, Jennifer Schumacher with events that are put on each year by the foundation. I was amazed throughout these years what all the agency does for the community. When asked if I would like to serve on the foundation board of directors since my recent move to Bowling Green, I was honored to accept. I am a retired elementary school secretary in my home town of Savannah, MO where I worked for 25 years. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with our children and grandchildren here in Bowling Green and Jefferson City, as well as working part time at Blackwell Cottage.
Cathy Martin
Melanie Mathis
Ruthie Murray
Talley Saucier
Bill Unsell
Nellie Wamsley
“My first experience with Pike County Home Health & Hospice was when a dear friend was dying of cancer. When visiting her I saw first hand the wonderful care and love her and her family was receiving during this very difficult time. Such a comfort this was to me and a memory I have never forgotten. When I retired I was asked to serve on the Home Care & Hospice Foundation Board and could not think of a more worthwhile board to serve and be a part of. Since being on the board my mother required the help of Home Health and soon afterwards hospice care. She so looked forward to the caring employees of PCHH and their smiling faces. Our community is truly blessed to have this service with the dedicated and caring employees who work for PCHH.”
Dorothy Brown
Honorary Member
Jim Hansen
Honorary Member
Susie Oberdahlhoff
Honorary Member



In Loving Memory of Mike McCrory

Mike was a long-time dedicated member of our foundation and was always eager to help whenever needed. He was one of the most selfless men you would of ever met and was always doing for others. He was kind and compassionate and our foundation board will not be the same now that he is gone. May he rest in eternal peace.

Mike McCrory

September 11, 1956 - October 6, 2020