Who Qualifies for Hospice Care


NOW is the time to discuss hospice care. Many do not realize the quality of life that hospice care can provide, and assume it is for the last weeks or days of life. This could not be more untrue. We want to ensure your loved one receives the benefits of hospice as soon as they qualify. Patients must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for hospice.  Medicare’s guidelines begin with a documented life-limiting prognosis by a certified physician. In order to determine eligibility, Pike County Hospice will work with you and your physician.

How Does a Patient Qualify for Hospice?
  • Consent of attending physician.
  • Life expectancy of approximately 6 months or less without aggressive treatment.
  • A capable caregiver is available.
  • Resides in our service area of Pike, Audrain, Lincoln, Montgomery, or Ralls Counties.
  • The philosophy of allowing death to occur naturally without extraordinary interventions


Below are booklets that can help healthcare providers determine if a patient qualifies/is eligible for hospice care, as well as information on symptom management, along with a reference guide for families considering hospice care. If you would like to have FREE hard copies of these booklets, please contact us today!


Download/view the PDF’s:

Considering Hospice Care: A discussion guide for families and loved ones

Determining Hospice Eligibility: A guide to aid physicians in the important role they play in referring patients to hospice care 

Symptom Management Guide for End of Life Care: A guide for healthcare providers