Volunteer Opportunities

What it Takes

People often imagine themselves becoming a hospice volunteer, and being able to make a difference helping those nearing the end of their life journey yet too many people never follow through because they are nervous of what may be expected, and unsure of what it entails.

Possessing these qualities makes for great Hospice Volunteers; do you have what it takes?

  • Patience & Kindness
  • Emotionally Strong
  • Non Judgmental
  • Non biased towards beliefs of any kind
  • Ability to be a source of guidance for emotional and spiritual advice

What to Do

Pike County Hospice volunteers offer compassionate support, companionship and practical help to our patients, their families and to our program as a whole. Some interact directly with patients and families while others prefer more clerical volunteering in the office. As a volunteer, you decide which tasks you would prefer to do, and there is no limit to how much or how little hours you volunteer.

Some of the tasks of volunteers include:

  • In person family time and companionship
  • Telephone conversations
  • Running errands for patients and families
  • Staying with patients so family members can get a much-needed rest
  • Reading, Singing or playing a musical instrument
  • Keeping vigil with patients in their final hours
  • Providing a friendly visit to lift a patient’s spirits
  • Transportation services
  • Providing special veteran volunteer support to patients who are veterans
  • Pet Therapy
  • Helping with administrative tasks in the office
  • and much more!

“The Veteran to Veteran Program is intended for local veterans in our community who are volunteers with Pike County Hospice to assist and help veterans who are near end of life. We want to meet the need of our veteran patient’s in a way that best suits their need. We strive to care for our patient’s with dignity and honor and we have found that veterans helping veterans is a bond that can never be broken.” – Cori Sheppard, RN – Hospice Program Manager

Ready to become a Pike County Hospice Volunteer?